PGI Community Edition for Windows has the following co-installation requirements:

  • Windows 10 SDK
  • Visual Studio 2015 with Visual C++ (VS 2017 not currently supported)

If either component is missing from your system, the PGI Community Edition installation program will exit before completing.

Follow these guidelines to ensure proper installation and operation of the PGI Community Edition on Windows.

  1. First check to ensure you have installed the latest updates for your operating system by executing the command:
    Start->Programs->Windows Update
  2. Download and install the Microsoft Windows 10 SDK.
  3. Install a version of Visual Studio 2015; Community, Professional or Enterprise. For Community, try these links: web installer or ISO image. Alternatively, see the Visual Studio web site for options. PGI Community Edition relies on the Visual C++ tool chain included with Visual Studio. Visual C++ must first be present on your system, or the PGI Community Edition installation will exit before completing.

    Note that the Visual Studio installation does not install Visual C++ by default. You must modify the settings to install it. Follow these steps to install Visual C++.

    1. Launch the Visual Studio installation program. In the first configuration screen, choose the "Custom" installation option as highlighted below.
      Visual Studio Installation Dialog
    2. Click the "Next" button.
    3. In the next configuration screen, expand the "Programming Languages" option and select the "Visual C++" option.
      Visual Studio Installation Dialog
    4. Click the "Next" button.
    5. Review the summary in the third screen and then click the "Install" button.
    6. Your Visual Studio installation should now begin. Once it completes, run the PGI Community Edition installation program.
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