PGI Professional Training

PGI customers can learn to make optimal use of PGI compilers and tools through PGI Professional Training courses. The Portland Group offers a comprehensive onsite two day Introduction to PGI Compilers and Tools training course with hands-on lab exercises, or half-day PGI Quick Start primer seminars. The two day course is presented onsite at the customer's workstation lab for up to eight students who learn the following skills:

  • Installation & license management
  • Basic use, important compiler options
  • Checking program correctness
  • Performance analysis
  • Optimization capabilities & strategies
  • Using math libraries
  • Porting applications to 64-bit CPUs
  • Using the PGDBG debugger
  • Tuning with the PGPROF profiler

Each student receives a CD-ROM containing PGI manuals and documentation, training materials, example programs, and tutorials.

For more information on PGI Professional Training, please contact PGI Sales.

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