A summary of new features in each version of the PGI 2015 release.

PGI releases version update, as often as monthly, which may include both new features and bug fixes. The new features added with each version are listed below. Bug fixes are listed on the PGI Release 2015 Technical Problem Reports summary page.

Complete details on the new features listed here are included in the PGI Release Notes and the PGI Visual Fortran® Release Notes.

PGI 2015 version 15.10

  • PGI Accelerator Features and Enhancements
    • Support for the OpenACC parallel programming model on multicore x86 CPUs
  • Plus 16 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2015 version 15.9

  • PGI Accelerator Features and Enhancements
    • Beta support for the OpenACC parallel programming model on multicore x86 CPUs
    • Support for CUDA 7.5 toolkit; CUDA 7.0 is now default
    • Auto-privatization of scalar and array variables in OpenACC compute regions.
    • New conditional sentinels for CUDA Fortran (!@CUF) and OpenACC (!@acc) with functionality similar to the OpenMP !$ conditional sentinel.
    • Support for CUDA 7.0 and 7.5 Thrust headers.
    • New cuRAND Fortran module to enable calls to cuRAND with CUDA Fortran DEVICE arrays.
    • Updated version of the CUDA 7.0 cuFFT library
    • Support for Fortran computed goto in OpenACC regions
  • Platform Updates
    • Support for Windows 10
    • OpenMPI 1.8.8 is now included in the PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit
    • 32-bit applications are no longer supported with CUDA-x86
  • Plus 29 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2015 version 15.7

  • PGI Accelerator™ Features and Enhancements
    • Support for Maxwell GPUs including Titan X
    • The default compute capability list for OpenACC and CUDA Fortran compilation for NVIDIA Tesla targets is now cc20, cc30, cc35, and cc50, generating device code for Fermi, Kepler K10 and K20, and Maxwell.
    • Improved support for calling the NVIDIA cuBLAS and cuRAND libraries from PGI compilers on Linux x86-64.
    • The -ta=tesla:beta flag enables 128-bit load and store operations in the generated code, and can produce dramatic performance improvements in some cases.
  • PGI® Compiler Features
    • Incremental Fortran 2008 features: new iso_c_binding function C_sizeof, new iso_Fortran_env functions compiler_options and compiler_version, allocating polymorphic variables using the MOLD= specifier, associating non-pointer actual arguments with pointer dummy arguments in procedure calls.
    • Improved SIMD vectorization of loops with logical operations and expressions involving constants
    • Improved performance of intrinsic function calls where one or more input arguments are compile-time constants
  • Other Features and Enhancements
    • Enhanced debugger support for setting breakpoints in shared objects
    • Enhanced communication of program load status in the debugger
    • Updated JRE bundled with PGI packages to version 1.8u45
    • Moved Eclipse Plug-in for C/C++ compilers into separate download package
  • Plus 32 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2015 version 15.5

  • PGI Accelerator Features & Enhancements
    • OpenACC Unified Memory Evaluation Package is now included in all Linux 64-bit installation package.
    • OpenACC Fortran for NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA Fortran now supports list-directed input/output to the default output unit (PRINT * or WRITE(*,*)) in device kernels.
    • Improved OpenACC user experience via enhanced compiler messages.
  • Plus 21 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2015 version 15.4

  • PGI Accelerator Features & Enhancements
    • CUDA 6.5 Toolkit now targeted as the default
    • Integrated CUDA 7 Toolkit
    • New OpenACC SDK examples
  • PGI Language Features and Enhancements
    • GNU 4.9 compatibility
    • Incremental C++14 features: lambdas, binary literals, apostrophes as digital separators
    • GNU statement expressions with class type results
    • Incremental Fortran 2008 features: transformational Bessel functions, storage size intrinsic, complex inverse trigonometric intrinsics, function for C sizeof in iso_c_binding, find location in an array
    • General performance improvements
  • Other Features and Enhancements
    • PGDBG debugger breakpoints now support hit counts
    • Linux 64-bit link options now include -Meh_frame to preserve exception-handling frame information by default
  • Plus 20 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2015 version 15.3

  • 14 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2015 version 15.1

  • pgc++ is now default on Linux and OS X. Full C++11 support.
  • Expanded OpenACC C++ support
  • Comprehensive OpenACC 2.0 support
  • PGI OpenACC Unified Memory Evaluation Package for Linux
  • Incremental Fortran 2008 features
  • Support for Fortran automatic arrays in OpenACC routines and CUDA Fortran
  • Support for CUDA 6.0/6.5 Toolkits and NVIDIA Kepler K40/K80 GPUs. CUDA 6.0 Toolkit is default.
  • New top-level PrgEnv-pgi environment module
  • Updated Free PGI for OS X package
  • Updated pre-compiled MPICH, MVAPICH and Open MPI libraries
  • Updated OpenACC SDK examples
  • Expanded operating system support
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