A summary of new features in each version of the PGI 2013 release.

PGI releases version update, as often as monthly, which may include both new features and bug fixes. The new features added with each version are listed below. Bug fixes are listed on the PGI Release 2013 Technical Problem Reports summary page.

Complete details on the new features listed here are included in the PGI Release Notes and the PGI Visual Fortran® Release Notes.

PGI 2013 version 13.9

  • PGI Accelerator compilers — support for CUDA 5.5. CUDA 5 is now the default. Support for the compute capability 3.x shuffle functions in CUDA Fortran.
  • Plus 41 user-requested enhancements and fixes

PGI 2013 version 13.7

  • PGI compilers — General performance improvements on AVX vectorized code.
  • CUDA Fortran — support for atomics.
  • C++-Minfo messages now use unmangled names.
  • PGDBG® Debugger — support for hardware data watch points on Linux kernels greater than 2.6.32.
  • PGPROF® Profiler — OpenACC/CUDA Fortran profiling supports multiple GPUs. Other additional accelerator profiling capabilities as well.
  • Plus 38 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2013 version 13.6

  • Fortran 2008 — supports the impure attribute for elemental procedures.
  • Tools — enhanced line information for improved user experience with the PGDBG debugger and some third-party tools including Allinea MAP MPI Application Profiler.
  • Plus 36 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2013 version 13.5

  • PGDBG Debugger and PGPROF Profiler — support debugging and profiling MPI programs built with SGI MPI.
  • Fortran 2008 — supports finding a unit when opening a file, and derived-type-style accesses of the real and imaginary parts of a complex number.
  • Plus 50 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2013 version 13.4

  • PGI Accelerator™ — initial support for f90 pointers in CUDA Fortran.
  • PGDBG Debugger — supported on Apple OS X Mountain Lion.
  • Fortran 2003 — support for derived-type I/O.
  • Plus 13 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2013 version 13.3

  • 15 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2013 version 13.2

  • 19 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2013

  • GNU-compatible C++ compiler with support for CUDA-x86, OpenMP and OpenACC.
  • Fortran 2003 parameterized derived types, deferred type parameters and deferred character length support.
  • Industry leading SPEC OMPG2012 benchmark performance.
  • 10% increase in floating point performance versus PGI 12.1
  • Expanded support for the OpenACC 1.0; new PGI extensions including support for multiple devices.
  • CUDA Fortran support for dynamic parallelism and separate compilation on suitable CUDA-enabled hardware.
  • Now target the latest NVIDIA Tesla K20 GPUs and support CUDA 5.
  • Improved interface for displaying source code in PGDBG&re; debugger.
  • PGI Visual Fortran® integrated with Visual Studio 2012 and includes the Visual Studio 2012 shell.
  • New OS support includes RHEL 6.3, Fedora 17, SLES 11 SP2, SUSE 11.3, OpenSUSE 12.2, Ubuntu 12.10, Windows 8 and MacOS Mountain Lion
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