A summary of new features in each version of the PGI 2019 release.

PGI releases version updates, as often as monthly, which may include both new features and bug fixes. The new features added with each version are listed below. Bug fixes are listed on the PGI Release 2019 Technical Problem Reports summary page.

Complete details on the new features listed here are included in the PGI Release Notes for x86-64, PGI Installation Guide and Release Notes for OpenPOWER, and the PGI Visual Fortran® Release Notes.

PGI 2019 version 19.5 (released May 29, 2019)

PGI 2019 version 19.4 (released April 30, 2019)

PGI 2019 version 19.3 (released March 27, 2019)

  • CUDA Toolkit — Added full support for CUDA 10.1; use the cuda10.1 sub-option with the -⁠ta=tesla or -⁠Mcuda compiler options to compile and link with the integrated CUDA 10.1 toolkit components.
  • Plus 13 user-requested enhancements and fixes

PGI 2019 version 19.1 (released January 31, 2019)

See the PGI Release Notes for x86 and PGI Release Notes and Installation Guide for OpenPower for the complete list of new features.

  • NVIDIA GPU Tensor Core support in CUDA Fortran
  • LLVM 7.0 back-end now default on Linux x86-64
  • Full support for the C++17 language standard
  • PCAST C and Fortran directives
  • printf() support in C and C++ OpenACC compute regions
  • Support for Turing architecture GPUs
  • Improved performance of many AVX2 intrinsic functions
  • Vectorization enhancements
  • GCC 8.1 interoperability
  • Support for the latest operating systems including macOS Mojave
  • Updated license management software on x86-64 platforms
  • Plus 28 user-requested enhancements and fixes

See also the PGI 2019 New Features summary.

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