Answers to our most frequently asked questions:

Where can I find my PIN?

When communicating with PGI, please provide your PIN (Product Identification Number) with your inquiry. Your PIN can be found in your license file. Typically the license file is found at $PGI/license.dat (Linux and Mac OS X) or C:\Program Files\PGI\license.dat (Windows). In the license.dat file, look for


where xxxxxx is a six digit number starting with a 1, 5 or 9. This is your PIN. If your file is not in $PGI, look at the location $LM_LICENSE_FILE, $PGROUPD_LICENSE_FILE or ~/.flexlmrc.

How do I generate my license key?

Go the trial license page if you are trying to generate a trial key.

After you have purchased a license you can generate a permanent license. We recommend that you install the software first on the system you are using before trying to obtain a license for that system.

Determine your PIN number as described in the PIN FAQ above.

If you have your original order acknowledgement, then follow the instructions and use the access codes associated with your PIN. If you do not have your access codes, use our online Support Request form for assistance.

If you cannot determine your PIN number, use our our online Support Request form for assistance, and provide as much info as you know about the original purchase so we can search. Usually, the name or email address of the purchaser is enough. More info may be needed if you have multiple licenses at your site.

The access codes provide a login name and a password. Use them to access the PGI online key generation system.

To create a license, you will need a hostid for the device that is managing the license. If you have a license for PGI Professional Edition node-locked license, this is the hostid of the machine you installed the compilers on. If you have a PGI Professional Edition network floating licnese, it is the hostid of the license server.

See What is the hostid? for info about how to obtain your hostid before going online.

Which Linux distributions are supported with my PGI release?

Please see the complete list of supported Linux distributions for notes and other considerations. See the Installation FAQ for supported versions of Microsoft Windows.

How do I transfer a license to another maching?

We recommend that you install the software first on the new system you are moving to before trying to obtain a license for that system. DO NOT remove the compilers from your previous machine until things are working on your new system. Avoid leaving yourself with no working compilers in the event you have temporary license problem during the transfer.

To move a license from one machine to another, log in to the online key generation system and choose "Delete license key". Then choose "Issue license key". Enter your new hostid and click "Create keys". You can delete and issue new license keys once. If you need to reissue license keys more than once, submit a Support Request form and request a deletion. Once a deletion is completed, you will be able to generate a new license.

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