These files are available to users linked to a for-fee PGI license. Login required.

Some organizations may not have all users linked to their license(s) – if you are not linked, please contact your organization's license administrator.

Each option below contains all available platform features; specific product features enabled by your license key.

Download PGI Professional Edition

Additional Components

Linux x86-64
Eclipse Plugin Package
ESMF version 7.0.0 for Open MPI
NetCDF version for GCC 4
NetCDF version for GCC 5
Parallel NetCDF version 1.7.0 for Open MPI
Linux OpenPOWER
Eclipse Plugin Package
NetCDF version
Parallel NetCDF version 1.7.0 for Open MPI

PGI License Daemons (for IT Professionals)

Release Archive

Past releases are in the PGI release archive. Multiple releases can be installed on the same system. Current PGI license keys work with older releases.


How do I remove PGI software?
PGI version 17.10 Documentation

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