PGI Unified Binary™ technology is the ability to generate a single executable file containing code sequences optimized for multiple CPUs and accelerators. PGI Unified Binary technology enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and custom applications developers to take advantage of the latest processor innovations while treating x86 as a single platform, maximizing flexibility and eliminating the need to target and optimize for separate processors.

Beginning with the PGI 17.7 release, PGI Unified Binary applications built using OpenACC and run on a GPU-enabled system, offload and execute OpenACC regions on the GPU. When the same application executable file is run on a system without GPUs installed, the OpenACC regions execute in parallel across all CPU cores in the system.

PGI Unified Binary technology is included with all PGI compilers. See the PGI Compiler User's Guide or the PGI Visual Fortran User's Guide for more information on building PGI Unified Binary-enabled applications.

PGI Unified Binary Performance Chart
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