If you are interested in becoming a PGI reseller, please send an inquiry to reseller@pgroup.com Please include answers to the following questions in your e-mail, providing as much detail as possible:

  • Company name, address, and full contact information for person with primary responsibility and signing authority for negotiation of a distribution agreement
  • Web page address of your company
  • Number of employees in company and approximate organizational chart (how many employees are sales/mktg, how many technical, how many in support, etc)
  • Approximate annual revenue of company in US dollars
  • Territory into which you'd like to sell PGI products
  • List of software products you currently develop, sell or resell, and if applicable a list of references from companies whose products you currently resell
  • List of hardware products you currently develop, sell or resell
  • List of current customers of your company, and if possible a list of reference customers whom we may contact to learn more about their experiences with your company
  • Which PGI products would you like to resell, and approximately how many copies of each do you expect to sell annually?
  • Are you willing to develop and submit to PGI a formal marketing plan for sales and/or support of PGI products in your territory?
  • Do you have immediate prospects for PGI product sales, and if so how large is the opportunity?

Feel free to add any additional information or comments you feel would help PGI in evaluating your company as a prospective PGI reseller. The information you submit to PGI will be treated in a confidential manner.

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