Following is a summary of PGI purchase options. Not all options are available in all regions.

Purchase Through an Authorized PGI Reseller

Contact your nearest regional PGI reseller. Customers located outside of the U.S. are encouraged to purchase through an authorized PGI reseller where available.

Purchase Order

Organizations approved for Net 30 terms can submit a purchase order via e-mail or by FAX. All customers must be verified in accordance with U.S. export regulations. To avoid delays in processing your order, please ensure your purchase order contains the following end-user information:

  • First and last name (no abbreviations)
  • Organization (no abbreviations)
  • Address (including city and country)
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

For support renewal orders, please also include your six-digit PGI license number (PIN).

Purchases from AZ, MA, MN, TX, VA, and WA must go through a reseller at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Please contact PGI Sales for assistance before using credit card, check, or ACH / wire transfer to purchase. Please do not send us credit card information directly. For security, all credit card purchases are managed by an e-commerce reseller.

Contact PGI Sales with questions.
Phone: 888-672-1081 (US & Canada)
Phone: +1-503-682-2806 (International)
FAX: +1-503-682-2637

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