PGI Professional products and support services are no longer available for sale.
The all new NVIDIA HPC SDK™ is available now.
Existing PGI customers with a for-fee license have continued access to downloads and license administration; along with technical support through their support term.

PGI Professional Edition is a perpetual license to current and all previous releases of the PGI Fortran, C and C++ compilers and tools for multicore CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, including all OpenACC, OpenMP and CUDA Fortran features. Enables development of performance-portable HPC applications with uniform source code across the most widely used parallel processors and systems.

PGI Professional Edition is for HPC experts who need cutting edge compilers and support for production software development.

PGI Professional Edition Configurations

For Linux x86-64, Windows 64 or
Linux OpenPOWER
Network floating (Fortran/C/C++)
Node-locked (Fortran/C/C++)
Node-locked (Fortran only)


The PGI Professional license differences are:

  • PGI Professional node-locked—For deployment on a single node-locked system. This license allows up to 16 MPI processes to be debugged as in mpirun -np 16 -dbg=pgdbg foo. All 16 processes must be running on the same system as the PGI Debugger.
  • PGI Professional network floating—For deployment on any number of networked nodes. This license allows for up to 256 MPI processes to be debugged and the processes can run on different cluster nodes as designated by the machines.LINUX file but only if the PGI daemons are installed.
    Note that PGI Professional network floating includes daemons for installation on cluster slave nodes that the PGI Debugger uses for cluster debugging. The daemons are not enabled with a PGI Professional node-locked license nor are they included with PGI Professional network floating package for Linux OpenPOWER.

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