The following table lists features, capabilities and licensing options that differ among the PGI products. See the PGI Community Edition FAQ for additonal information.

Feature PGI Community Edition PGI Professional Edition
Duration 1 year for each release Perpetual
Releases per Year 1–2 6–9
Archive Release Access yes
Price No cost For-fee
Fortran 2003 yes yes
ANSI C11 yes yes
GNU Compatible C++14 yes yes
Programming Models
OpenACC 2.6 yes yes
OpenMP 4.5 yes yes
CUDA Fortran yes yes
Operating Systems
Linux x86-64 yes yes
Linux/OpenPOWER yes yes
Apple macOS* yes yes
Microsoft Windows yes yes
MPI Processes 16 local up to 256 local or remote
Support Options
User Forums yes yes
Restricted Content Access With sign up yes
Web-based Support yes
E-mail Support yes
Case-specific Work-arounds yes
Premier Service Option yes

Note: The PGI Debugger and the PGI Profiler support up to 64 OpenMP threads.

* Effective with the PGI 2017 release, GPU support is no longer included with PGI products for macOS.

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