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Using the OpenACC Routine Directive

CUDA Fortran Managed Memory

Using Environment Modules

Using Batch cuBLAS with CUDA Fortran

Accelerating a C++ CFD code with OpenACC

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Michael Wolfe

Using the OpenACC Routine Directive

Michael Wolfe's
Programming Guide

One of the key features of high level language programming is modularity, including support for procedures and separate compilation.

In the first installment of this two-part article, Michael Wolfe explains the OpenACC routine directive and how it's used. Michael starts with a basic overview including examples. He then moves on to describe the dual-use nature of the directive and explains how to use the routine clauses to control parallelism within a routines. He concludes with advice on writing portable code and a look at what we might expect down the road. | Continue to the article…

CUDA Fortran Managed Memory

PGI 14.7 introduces the biggest productivity improvement to CUDA Fortran since CUF kernels. While using managed memory may not make your code run any faster, it does simplify many coding tasks, makes source code cleaner, and enables sharing of complicated data structures between host and device. | Continue to the article…

User-Installable Libraries and Environment Modules

With Environment Modules, developers can easily include external libraries with a minimum of effort. Module files make it easy to switch from one version of a software package to another when both are installed side-by-side. PGI now includes Environment Modules with each Linux and OS X installation. This article looks at configuring and using Modules with PGI compilers and libraries. | Continue to the article…

Using Batch cuBLAS with CUDA Fortran

Batched cuBLAS routines enable parallelism automatically for certain operations (GEMM, GETRF, GETRI, and TRSM).  Beginning with PGI the 14.6 compilers, interfaces to these batched cuBLAS routines have been implemented in the CUDA Fortran cublas module. In this article Greg Reusch looks at these new interfaces and how to exploit them. | Continue to the article…

Accelerating a C++ CFD code with OpenACC

Over at the NVIDIA Parallel Forall blog, Jiri Kraus walks through the steps he used to achieve a greater than 2.5x speed-up of the ZFS flow solver using OpenACC. | Continue to the article…

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