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October 2011
The Game of Life

Multi-GPU Programming with CUDA Fortran, MPI, and GPUDirect—Part 1

This article introduces multi-GPU programing using CUDA Fortran, MPI and NVIDIA's GPUDirect. The author uses the "Game of Life" to illustrate techniques for extracting performance from multiple GPU systems.

Also in this issue…

Accelerating Scientific Computing Code in FORTRAN: The Quantum Chemistry Project

The authors describe their experience porting the quantum chemistry code GAMESS-UK to GPUs using the PGI Accelerator programming model. The article looks at several key considerations including algorithm changes, code and data restructuring and other techniques for exploiting the full GPU performance potential.

Debugging PGI CUDA Fortran with Allinea DDT

For as long as software development has existed so has the software bug and so has the need to eradicate it. Programming with CUDA Fortran is no different. In this article we look at how to debug CUDA Fortran applications using Allinea Software's Allinea DDT.

A Look at the Impact of FMA4 Instructions on Data Precision

New instructions in the latest processors from Intel and AMD may not return the results you expect. This article looks at the differences and discusses options for preserving fidelity with older hardware.

Upcoming Events

In cooperation with NVIDIA, Michael Wolfe will be presenting a webinar on "Using PGI Accelerator Fortran Directives with NVIDIA GPUs" on Tuesday, 25 October at 10:00 PDT. Registration is free.

PGI will be exhibiting in booth 2139 at SC'11 in Seattle, Washington, 14-17 November.


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Acceleration of GAMESS-UK Electronic Structure Package on Graphical Processing Units,
Karl Wilkinson, Kevin Naidoo,, Journal of Computation Chemistry, 30 July 2011.

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Free PVF Offer

Free PVF License Offer

Once again for the 2011-2012 school year, PGI is offering a no cost PGI Visual Fortran® license to students, faculty and researchers in the U.S.A. and Germany. Sign-up forms are available on the PGI website.

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