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June 2011
AVX: PGI Unified Binary

Targeting AVX-Enabled Processors Using PGI Compilers and Tools

AMD and Intel are releasing new microprocessors in 2011 with extended AVX support. In this article we show examples of compiler code generation and new library and tools capabilities which support these new processors. The article also looks at performance issues, comparing these new platforms against previous generations.

Also in this issue…

First Look: PGI CUDA C/C++ for x86

The first release of the PGI CUDA-x86 compilers is available. Read about how it works, what's included in this first functional release and what's in store for updates in the coming months.

Object Oriented Programming with Fortran 2003—Part 2

This second in a two part series looks at data polymorphism or how program variables can store and operate on a variety of data types and values. The article closes with a summary of Fortran 2003 OOP features including typed allocation, sourced allocation, unlimited polymorphic objects, generic type-bound procedures, abstract types, and deferred bindings.

An Introduction to Debugging CUDA-x86 Applications

New capabilities in PGI's PGDBG debugger support debugging CUDA C and C++ programs on x86 targets.

Upcoming Events

PGI will be exhibiting in booth 745 at ISC'11 in Hamburg, Germany 20-22 June. PGI will also be participating again this year at HP-CAST just prior to ISC.

PGI will be presenting two half day GPU programming tutorials June 20 at the 2011 DoD High Performance Computing Modernization Program 21st User Group Conference in Portland, Oregon.

PGI is a sponsor of this year's Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing Program (SciDAC) in Denver July 10–14.


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Next Issue Highlights

Porting GAMESS-UK to NVIDIA GPUs Using PGI Accelerator Directives

A Look at the Impact of FMA4 Instructions on Data Precision

Debugging CUDA C/C++/Fortran Applications with Allinea DDT

Scaling CUDA Fortran Applications to Multiple GPUs

CUDA-x86 Special Offer

Special Limited Time Offer

PGI Accelerator C/C++ with CUDA-x86

Through June 30, 2011, purchase a PGI Accelerator C/C++ Workstation license for just $299. Available for Linux, MacOS or Windows.
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