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February 2011
Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe's Programming Guide

Optimizing Data Movement in the PGI Accelerator Programming Model

A review on the new data movement directives in the 2011 release of the PGI Accelerator compilers. Includes descriptions, examples and a glimpse of things to come.

Also in this issue…

Object Oriented Programming with Fortran 2003
Part 1

The first article in this series looks at procedure polymorphism and how procedures can operate on a variety of data types and values.

CUDA Fortran Asynchronous Data Transfers

An in-depth look at understanding and using asynchronous data transfers with the latest generation NVIDIA GPU accelerators.

Using GPU-enabled Math Libraries with PGI Fortran

Trade-offs and techniques for calling routines from CUBLAS, CULA and MAGMA CUDA-enabled math libraries with PGI Fortran.

Upcoming Events

PGI will be presenting a half day GPU programming tutorial April 11 at the Multi-core and Reconfigurable Supercomputing Conference in Bristol, UK.

PGI will be presenting two two papers at the 2011 Cray User Group meeting May 23–26 in Fairbanks, Alaska.

PGI will be presenting two half day GPU programming tutorials May 31 at the 2011 International Conference on Supercomputing in Tucson, Arizona.

A PGI representative will be present at the International Supercomputing Conference of Mexico in San Luis Patosi March 24–26.


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Recent News

The Portland Group Announces PGI 2011 HPC Compilers and Development Tools

German academics qualify for a free license to PGI Visual Fortran

Next Issue Highlights

The PGI CUDA C/C++ Compiler

AVX Extensions on Intel and AMD x86 CPUs

Object Oriented Programming with Fortran 2003—Part 2

Scaling CUDA Fortran Applications to Multiple GPUs

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