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September 2010
Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe's Programming Guide

CUDA Fortran: The Next Level

This article describes the new kernel directive coming to CUDA Fortran with PGI Release 2011 due out in November. The kernel directive will make porting to the CUDA programming model more straightforward and let developers concentrate their efforts on the time-critical portions of their application.

Also in this issue…

Porting the SPEC Benchmark BWAVES to GPUs with CUDA Fortran

The paper covers many important aspects of porting a typical HPC application to CUDA including identifying CPU bottlenecks, distributing execution to both the CPU and GPU, using asynchronous data transfers to minimize overhead and writing efficient CUDA kernels. The paper concludes with accuracy and performance results across several platforms.

Accelerating Visual C++ Applications on GPUs

Until now, a directive-based GPU programming model has not been accessible to Windows Visual C++ developers. The PGI Accelerator C plug-in can be used to target specific files for GPU compilation from within Microsoft Visual Studio.

Using the CULA GPU-enabled LAPACK Library
with CUDA Fortran

This article looks at a new version of the CULA GPU-accelerated linear algebra library specifically for CUDA Fortran. Includes information on how to use the library, performance data and a link to a free CULA download.

Upcoming Events

Concurrent with SC10 in New Orleans, Michael Wolfe will be conducting a one day tutorial on "GPU Programming with CUDA Fortran, CUDA C and the PGI Accelerator Programming Model" Monday, 15 November 2010. The cost is $500US. Attendees may also purchase a license to the PGI Accelerator Workstation product of their choice for just $250 additional.


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Object Oriented Programming with Fortran 2003

CULA Tools for CUDA Fortran

CULA is a cross-platform, cross-language GPU-accelerated linear algebra library. EM Photonics, has just released a version of CULA with an interface to CUDA Fortran.

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