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October 2009
Michael Wolfe

Michael Wolfe's Programming Guide

The PGI Accelerator Programming Model on NVIDIA GPUs—Part 3 Porting WRF

Part 3 in the series looks at porting a large application to GPUs. This in-depth analysis looks at optimizing a key module in the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) application to run on GPUs. Through a combination of structural modifications and compiler feedback, the article demonstrates how to modify and then tune your application for better performance. The article concludes with a comparison of the relative performance of the port done with the PGI Accelerator compilers and a version ported to CUDA C.

Also in this issue…

Introduction to CUDA Fortran

Step by step example of writing a basic CUDA Fortran program using the upcoming 2010 release of PGI Fortran.

Cross Platform: Using Microsoft MPI with PGI Workstation

Release 9.0 of PGI Workstation supports building, running and debugging MPI applications on Windows laptops and clusters.

Tutorial: Porting WRF to Microsoft Windows Using PGI Workstation

A step by step guide to building the Weather Research and Forecasting application on Microsoft Windows using PGI Workstation for Windows.

Upcoming Events

A one day tutorial GPU Programming with the PGI Accelerator Programming Model and with PGI CUDA Fortran. Monday, 16 November in Portland. Cost includes a complementary copy of PGI Accelerator Fortran/C/C++ Workstation compilers & tools.

Supercomputing Conference 16-19 November, Oregon Convention Center, Portland. Visit PGI in booth #1425 on the Exhibition floor.


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Did you know…

PGI has online tools to help you manage your PGI licenses. Log in to your account and choose the Manage PGI Products option for a list of all your PGI licenses, subscription status and more. For example, share administration of your license with others using your PIN Code. The Account FAQ has the details.

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