PGI Trial Software

PGI offers new users a free 30 day trial to PGI Workstation™ and PGI Visual Fortran®. If you're interested in evaluating the PGI CDK® Cluster Development Kit®, please complete the PGI CDK Evaluation Request form. PGI does not offer a trial version of PGI Server.

Follow these steps to access and activate your PGI trial software.

  1. Create a PGI account.
  2. Download the latest software for your system.
    Note: typically, all PGI download packages include all PGI software. Different features and capabilities are controlled by the license keys. PGI trial license keys enable all product features but limit some capabilities.
  3. Install the software as directed in the PGI Installation Guide or PGI Visual Fortran Installation Guide. You will be required to assent to the PGI End-user License Agreement to complete installation.
  4. Your trial license keys will be included with your new account activation notice email. Follow the directions outline there to install them.

Note: Any files built using trial keys will stop functioning at the end of the trial period.

If you already have a PGI account:
First log in to your PGI account, download and install the PGI software as outlined in steps 2 & 3 above, and then use the hostid information supplied during installation to generate 15 day PGI trial license keys. Use them to replace the current contents of your PGI license.dat file. See the PGI Installation Guide or the PGI Visual Fortran Installation Guide.for details.

For questions or for more information please consult these resources:

Or contact PGI Technical Support.

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