Release Information

A summary of new features in each version of the PGI 2016 release.

PGI releases version update, as often as monthly, which may include both new features and bug fixes. The new features added with each version are listed below. Bug fixes are listed on the PGI Release 2016 Technical Problem Reports summary page.

Complete details on the new features listed here are included in the PGI Release Notes and the PGI Visual Fortran® Release Notes.

PGI 2016 version 16.4

PGI 2016 version 16.3

  • First Windows release for 2016;
    • PGI Visual Fortran® is now supported from within Visual Studio 2015
    • Dropped support for Microsoft Visual Studio versions 2008, 2010 and 2012 by PVF®
    • Dropped support for Windows C++ in PGI Workstation™ and PGI Server
    • Dropped support for Windows version of the IMSL Fortran numerical library
  • Plus 14 user-requested enhancements and fixes.

PGI 2016 version 16.1

  • Comprehensive support for C++14; GCC 5.1 interoperability
  • Further optimized Fortran intrinsic functions
  • OpenACC 2.5 support
  • All new PGRPOF® profiler supports both CPU and CPU+GPU profiling
  • New OpenBLAS based pre-build BLAS and LaPACK library
  • Updated pre-compiled MPICH, MVAPICH and Open MPI libraries; Open MPI now bundled with all Linux packages
  • Prebuilt netCDF and ESMF libraries
  • New license key format allows combining multiple floating licenses of varying types and seat counts into a single license file; users must retrieve new keys
  • Updated Free PGI for OS X package
  • Expanded operating system support
  • Plus 32 user-requested enhancements and fixes.
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