Premier Support for PGI software in mission critical environments.

Users of PGI compilers and tools in mission critical environments will benefit from priority turnaround on all technical support inquiries, custom software patches, interim PGI release upgrades, 24 hour access to the status of support inquiries, and PGI software support by telephone. For these customers, The Portland Group offers PGI Premier Service with comprehensive interactive technical support directly from PGI compiler and application engineers. PGI Premier Service includes the following comprehensive support package

  • PGI Quick Start onsite half day seminar*
  • A designated PGI technical contact
  • PGI technical support by telephone
  • Response to inquiries within 1 business day
  • PGI Tracker online inquiry tracking system
  • Weekly summary and status of all inquiries
  • Conference calls with your PGI technical contact
  • Custom software patches and workarounds
  • Interim PGI releases to address critical issues
  • Custom libraries for runtime debugging

PGI Premier Service is available for an additional annual fee to PGI customers with a PGI Support Service agreement. Detailed descriptions of some of these services are included below.

PGI Tracker

PGI Tracker is a web-based system that enables 24 hour submission and status tracking of technical inquiries. Using PGI Tracker you can:

  • Submit PGI support requests via the web
  • Track status of support requests from your site
  • Prioritize support requests from your site
  • Upload codes to demonstrate issues of concern
  • Download patches when issues are resolved
  • Shield inquiries from listing on PGI FAQ pages

Designated Technical Contact

PGI Premier Service customers are assigned a dedicated technical contact at The Portland Group. This contact responds to all inquiries from your site by e-mail and telephone. Your technical contact will manage and track technical inquiries from your site, send weekly reports detailing the status of inquiries, hold regularly scheduled conference calls with users from your site, and build tests into the PGI regression test suite to ensure all bugs submitted by your site are specifically checked for correctness with each future release of the PGI compilers and tools.

Custom Patches and Interim Releases

PGI Premier Service customers have access to custom patches and interim releases of the PGI compilers and tools to resolve critical issues. These custom patches and releases are made available outside the standard PGI release cycle for bug fixes that are mutually agreed by you and The Portland Group to be critical. In addition to interim releases to resolve inquiries specific to your site, PGI Premier Service customers are notified of all available interim releases and have the option of downloading and installing those releases at any time.

PGI Premier+ Service

PGI Premier+ Service allows you to augment and customize PGI Premier Service to fit the unique requirements of your site. For an additional fee, you can bundle your choice of three units of the following to a PGI Premier Service agreement:

  • 60 hours of PGI professional services for porting and tuning of critical applications
  • Introduction to PGI Compilers and Tools comprehensive onsite two day training course
  • Two day onsite training that is customized to meet your specific site's needs*

Additional units can be added to a PGI Premier+ Service contract for sites with ongoing and extensive training, applications porting, and applications tuning requirements.

For more information on PGI Premier Service, please contact PGI Sales.

* Onsite training available to US domestic customers only. Training for international customers provided by webinar.

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