PGI Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers to many common issues and concerns.

Most of the problems reported by users have been encountered and solved before, or reflect a common misconception. This page lists problems and questions we have run into with the PGI® products, along with suggested solutions or workarounds.

A word about coding programs in a portable manner: Programs last much longer than anyone plans, especially if they work well. So it's a good idea to write them in a fashion that makes them independent of the machine or the compiler company you currently use. Often the response to a user's problem is that they are not coding in a portable fashion, because what they have done performs differently on different machines. Changing code now to remove platform/compiler dependencies can pay off in the long run.

Current Release Questions

Installation and Compatibility Questions and Problems

Licensing Questions and Problems

Compilation Questions and Problems

Linking Questions and Problems

Execution Questions and Problems

Portability Questions

Inter-Language Questions and Problems

MPI Questions

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