Product Family Feature Comparison

The following table lists features, capabilities and licensing options that differ among the PGI product families.

 Feature PGI Workstation PGI Server PGI CDK PGI Visual Fortran Notes
64 256 PVF PVF Server
Language Options
Fortran only yes yes yes yes
C/C++ only yes yes 1
Fortran & C/C++ yes yes yes yes 2
Operating Systems
Linux only yes yes yes yes
OS X only yes
Windows only yes yes yes yes
Multi-platform volume packs only yes
MPI Processes
Debugging with PGDBG® 16 16 64 256 16 16 3
Licensing Type
Node-locked Single User yes yes
Multi-user Network Floating yes yes yes yes


  1. On Windows, begining with the PGI 2016 release, the C/C++ only language option is not available.
  2. On Windows, begining with the PGI 2016 release, C++ is not included in the combined language package.
  3. All PGI products support debugging and profiling of up to 64 OpenMP threads.

About PGI Accelerator Products
PGI products are offered either with (x64+accelerator) or without (x64) support for GPU accelerators. x64+accelerator products include applicable support for OpenACC directives, CUDA Fortran, CUDA-x86 and other accelerator oriented technologies and capabilities.

The PGI Workstation, PGI Server and PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit license differences are;

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