IMSL Fortran Library Pricing

The Visual Numerics IMSL® Fortran Numerical Library (FNL) is available for PGI Fortran.

For Linux

IMSL FNL licenses for PGI Fortran compilers for Linux are sold by Rogue Wave Software, Inc. Both FNL version 6 and version 7 are available. For a quote, please email or call 303-473-9118 directly with one of the following part numbers:

  • Part #P10672: 64/32-bit IMSL Fortran Numerical Library 7.0 for x86 based Linux platforms.
    (Validated wtih SuSE Linux ES 11.0 on AMD Opteron x86-64 using PGI Fortran compiler 10.2)
  • Part #P10729: 64-bit IMSL Fortran Numerical Library 6.0 for x86 based Linux platforms.
    (Validated with SUSE Linux ES 11.0 on AMD Opteron x86-64 using PGI Fortran compiler 10.4)
Rogue Wave offers the IMSL FNL for earlier PGI Fortran versions as well. See the IMSL Supported Platforms Document for more details.

For Windows

IMSL FNL version 7 licenses for PGI Fortran compilers for Windows are available directly from PGI. Contact PGI sales to purchase.

All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.

IMSL Fortran Numerical Library — Windows
Single User
16-core License Type
License Subscription*
Part # Price Part # Price
Commercial Developer+Deployment
64-bit/32-bit bundle IF6432W-W1-C 699 IF6432W-W1-C-S 340
Academic Developer+Deployment
64-bit/32-bit bundle IF6432W-W1-A 319 IF6432W-W1-A-S 210

* New PGI licenses include 30 days of complimentary PGI Subscription Service. Extensions are available and sold in yearly increments up to a maximum term of three years.


With which versions of PGI Windows products is IMSL compatible?

The Visual Numerics Fortran Numerical Library for Windows version 6 is compatible with PGI Workstation for Windows 7.1 or newer and PGI Visual Fortran 7.1 or newer.

Version 7 is compatible with PGI Workstation 11.9 or newer and PGI Visual Fortran 12.4 or newer.

What's a deployment (or runtime) license? Why do I need it?

Deployment licenses grant rights to use, in this case, IMSL capabilities that have been built into an application. Deployment licenses are often referred to as "runtime" licenses. The VNI Software License Agreement uses the term deployment licenses. VNI (Visual Numberics Inc), the original publisher of IMSL, was acquired by Rogue Wave Software in 2009.

All PGI products include deployment license rights without separate charges or separate licensing. IMSL is Rogue Wave product. PGI is reselling this popular library for the convenience of Windows-based Fortran developers. This means customers are licensing IMSL under Rogue Wave terms and conditions. It is Rogue Wave's business practice to license developer and deployment rights separately, and charge for both.

I was using v6.0 IMSL and now upgrading to v7.0 IMSL. What do I need to know?

Rogue Wave has changed the licensing terms with Version 7.0 of the FNL. Specifically, deployment beyond a single computer now requires the purchase of an additional deployment license. Please refer to the VNI Software License Agreement for more information.

I'm a developer of an app that I alone will use on a single-user system. What do I buy?

Buy one single-user developer license which also includes one IMSL deployment license.

I'm a developer of an app for me and other users at my company. What do I buy?

Buy the number of licenses needed for the total population of machines at your company or organization that will be running the application you will create.

Can I buy just a runtime license if I don't need a developer license?

Normally, Developer and Deployment licenses are not sold separately. Please email PGI sales for a quote on a volume deployment license purchases, or for deployment on machines with more than 16 cores.

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