PGI Visual Fortran Commercial Pricing

Please note: PGI Visual Fortran® (PVF®) is for use with Microsoft Visual Studio only.

PGI Visual Fortran is offered with three different license options:

  1. Node-locked single seat
  2. Node-locked single seat volume packs of 5, 10, 25 and 50 seats
  3. Multi user network floating; supported license server operating systems are Linux, Solaris and Windows

New PGI licenses include 30 days of complimentary PGI Subscription Service. Extensions are available and sold in yearly increments up to a maximum term of three years.

All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.

PVF x64 Commercial Pricing - Windows
Product / License Count License Subscription
Part # Price Part # Price
PVF x64 - node-locked license
Single seat PVF64S-W1-C 539 PVF64S-W1-C-S 170
5 pack PVF64S-W5-C 1,999 PVF64S-W5-C-S 760
10 pack PVF64S-W10-C 3,699 PVF64S-W10-C-S 1,430
25 pack PVF64S-W25-C call PVF64S-W25-C-S call
50 pack PVF64S-W50-C call PVF64S-W50-C-S call
Product / Simultaneous Users License Subscription
Part # Price Part # Price
PVF x64 - network floating license
2 user PVF64S-S2-C 2,049 PVF64S-S2-C-S 660
5 user PVF64S-S5-C 4,199 PVF64S-S5-C-S 1,240
10 user PVF64S-S10-C 7,899 PVF64S-S10-C-S 2,310
25 user PVF64S-S25-C call PVF64S-S25-C-S call
50 user PVF64S-S50-C call PVF64S-S50-C-S call
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