PGI Accelerator Workstation Academic Pricing

PGI offers discounts to degree-granting academic institutions on purchases of PGI products for use by students and faculty; government or commercially funded pure research organizations are not eligible for this discount, even if they are co-located with an academic institution.

PGI Accelerator Workstation™ is offered in three language configurations:

  • Fortran only; includes PGI FORTRAN 77, Fortran 2003 and HPF (Linux only) compilers
  • C/C++ only
  • Fortran/C/C++ combined

PGI Accelerator Workstation is offered with these licensing options:

  • Node-locked single seat for Linux, OS X or Windows.
  • Node-locked single seat volume packs of 5, 10, 25 and 50 seats. Volume pack buyers may choose any combination of Linux, OS X or Windows licenses up to the maximum count.

New PGI licenses include 30 days of complimentary PGI Subscription Service. Extensions are available and sold in yearly increments up to a maximum term of three years.

All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without notice.

PGI Accelerator Workstation Academic Pricing - Single Seat
Product / Operating System License Subscription
Part # Price Part # Price
PGI Accelerator Fortran Workstation
Linux 015AL-WS-A 539 215AL-WS-A 190
OS X 015AM-WS-A 399 215AM-WS-A 190
Windows* 015AW-WS-A 399 215AW-WS-A 190
PGI Accelerator C/C++ Workstation
Linux 016AL-WS-A 319 216AL-WS-A 110
OS X 016AM-WS-A 239 216AM-WS-A 110
Windows 016AW-WS-A 239 216AW-WS-A 110
PGI Accelerator Fortran/C/C++ Workstation
Linux 018AL-WS-A 759 218AL-WS-A 260
OS X 018AM-WS-A 579 218AM-WS-A 260
Windows* 018AW-WS-A 579 218AW-WS-A 260
PGI Accelerator Workstation Academic Pricing - Volume Packs
Product / License Count License Subscription
Part # Price Part # Price
PGI Accelerator Fortran Workstation
5 pack 015AX-WS-5-A 1,999 215AX-WS-5-A 690
10 pack 015AX-WS-10-A 3,799 215AX-WS-10-A 1,300
25 pack 015AX-WS-25-A call 215AX-WS-25-A call
50 pack 015AX-WS-50-A call 215AX-WS-50-A call
PGI Accelerator C/C++ Workstation
5 pack 016AX-WS-5-A 1,199 216AX-WS-5-A 420
10 pack 016AX-WS-10-A 2,199 216AX-WS-10-A 780
25 pack 016AX-WS-25-A call 216AX-WS-25-A call
50 pack 016AX-WS-50-A call 216AX-WS-50-A call
PGI Accelerator Fortran/C/C++ Workstation
5 pack 018AX-WS-5-A 2,799 218AX-WS-5-A 980
10 pack 018AX-WS-10-A 5,299 218AX-WS-10-A 1,820
25 pack 018AX-WS-25-A call 218AX-WS-25-A call
50 pack 018AX-WS-50-A call 218AX-WS-50-A call

*PGI Visual Fortran is included with all PGI Accelerator Workstation for Windows products containing Fortran.

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