PGI Trial License Questions

How do I install my evaluation license keys?

For starter keys, save the attachment that came with your account activation email to a file on the computer on which you are performing the PGI evaluation. For trial license keys, save the displayed software license key lines to a file on the computer on which you are performing the PGI evaluation.

For both types of licenses, set the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE to the full pathname of that file as outlined in the PGI Installation Guide or the PGI Visual Fortran Installation Guide. For those familiar with FlexNet, note that PGI starter and trial license keys do not require running a license daemon.

What if I cannot get the license keys to work?

Please see the Installation FAQ or send mail to .

What is my hostid, and where do I find it?

The hostid of your computer is the MAC, or Ethernet, address of the first non-wireless network card found in the system. This hostid is also referred to as the FlexNet hostid in PGI documentation. The hostid is not the value printed by the /usr/bin/hostid command.

You can determine your system's hostid several ways. If you have already installed the PGI software, then run this command:

% lmutil lmhostid 

The lmutil utility is located in the PGI bin directory after installation of the PGI products. See PGI Installation Guide for help installing PGI products.

Otherwise, run the command /sbin/ifconfig eth0 and look for the string beginning with "HWaddr". In this example

% /sbin/ifconfig eth0
eth0  Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:12:44:5f:5a:0e
      inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

The hostid is the value "00:12:44:5f:5a:0e".

How often can I generate trial license keys?

Under the terms of the PGI evaluation license agreement, each account is permitted to generate one 15 day trial license every six months, or whenever a new release comes out.

I need an extension to my software evaluation. How do I get one?

Please send a request to

Will my executables expire with a starter or trial key?

Yes. The PGI compilers and tools and any executables built with them will cease operating at the end of the evaluation period.

How can I evaluate the PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit?

Please complete and submit a PGI CDK evaluation request. Registration is required.

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