PGI Compilers for OpenPOWER

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Free PGI® for OS X

Free PGI
x64 compilers & tools for OS X

PGI® Optimizing Fortran, C and C++ Compilers & Tools

PGI® Workstation: PGI's suite of compilers and tools

PGI Workstation™ and PGI Server™ for x64

PGI optimizing multi-core x64 compilers for Linux, MacOS & Windows with support for debugging and profiling of local MPI processes. A complete OpenMP/MPI SDK for high performance computing on the latest Intel and AMD CPUs. Try | Buy

CUDA Fortran

PGI CUDA Fortran and CUDA-x86 Compilers

CUDA Fortran enables GPU acceleration of HPC applications using the NVIDIA CUDA parallel programming model in a native optimizing Fortran 2003 compiler. Use CUDA-x86 to compile your CUDA C or CUDA Fortran program to run on x64 targets. Both products are compatible and interoperable with NVIDIA's CUDA C. Try | Buy

PGI Accelerator Compilers

PGI Accelerator™ with OpenACC

PGI Accelerator C99 & Fortran enable high level programming of HPC applications for x64+accelerators using OpenACC compiler directives. Portable, incremental, and easy to use for application domain experts. Try | Buy

        Cluster Development Kit®: Compilers and tools to develop,
        debug and tune MPI and OpenMP cluster applications

The PGI CDK® Cluster Development Kit®

The PGI CDK includes optimizing Fortran/C/C++ compilers configured to build, debug and profile MPI and hybrid MPI/OpenMP HPC applications for Linux clusters using the major open source MPI implementations. Try | Buy

PGI Visual Fortran® integrates PGI parallel Fortran into Microsoft Windows through Visual Studio

PGI Visual Fortran® for Microsoft Windows

PGI Visual Fortran brings optimizing multi-core x64 Fortran with integrated OpenMP/MPI debugging to scientists & engineers on Microsoft Windows within Microsoft Visual Studio. Try | Buy