Results listed here reflect formal SPEC CPU2006 benchmark submissions by third-parties using PGI compilers. If you would like to recreate these results for your own submissions or for internal benchmarking purposes, see the definitions and instructions listed below under the table of results.

Date Sponsor Platform Compiler SPECint_ rate_ base2006 SPECfp_
rate_ base2006
Apr-2008 Dell AMD Opteron PGI 7.2 92.4 82.1 8 copy
Mar-2008 H-P AMD Opteron PGI 7.2 161 147 16 copy
Mar-2008 H-P AMD Opteron PGI 7.2 89.3 81.1 8 copy
Mar-2008 H-P AMD Opteron PGI 7.2 13.3 16.6 SPECint_base2006
Jul-2007 AMD AMD Opteron PGI 7.1-0b Preview 52.8 52.1 4 copy

To re-create the results above or generate your own submission-quality SPEC CPU2006 results using PGI compilers, you will need the following:

  • The SPEC CPU2006 benchmarks, which can be purchased through
  • A copy of the PGI compilers, which can be purchased by contacting PGI Sales or calling 1-888-672-1081
  • A valid "config" file, which contains configuration and compiler options information for a given benchmark run; the links in the table above refer to pages with information and links to valid config files that can be used as-is to generate SPEC CPU2006 results

Once you have each of these components, follow the instructions included with the SPEC CPU2006 benchmarks to initiate a run using the SPEC benchmarks run harness.

SPEC®, SPECfp®, and SPECint® are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC).

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