Benchmark Information

These pages contain performance data for industry standard, application, and procurement benchmarks. The pages are intended to highlight and encourage use of PGI compilers for benchmarking in each of these areas.

About benchmarking:
At PGI we believe the best way to gauge performance is to compile and run your own code locally on your own system. Free PGI trial software is available for this purpose.

Achieving top benchmark performance can be a complex and tricky process. We have attempted in these pages to simplify and streamline the process for those interested in running their own benchmarks, but please realize that if your results do not match those posted here, several factors may be involved. If you have questions about your results or other benchmark related matters using PGI products, please see the Performance and Benchmarking PGI User Forum. if you have suggestions for improving the presentation or quality of the information presented in this section, please contact PGI Sales.

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