One PGI Unified Binary for Intel and AMD x64 Processors+GPU

PGI Unified Binary™ technology simplifies cross-platform support by combining into a single executable file, code sequences optimized for multi-core x64 processor families from Intel and AMD and GPU accelerators from NVIDIA. The PGI Unified Binary delivers all the benefits of a single x64 platform while enabling you to leverage the latest hardware innovations.

One Compiler Solution for High Performance Applications

PGI compilers deliver world-class performance across a wide spectrum of applications and benchmarks. PGI is the compiler-of-choice among many popular performance-critical applications used in the fields of geophysical modeling, mechanical engineering, computational chemistry, weather forecasting, and high-energy physics. PGI compilers consistently rate among the highest performers on SPECfp2006, SPECint2006, SPECompM2001, and the NAS Parallel Benchmarks.

One Cross-platform HPC Development Environment

PGI compilers generate code optimized for the industry's most popular High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms, and they are available directly from most major system manufacturers. PGI products run under a broad range of 64-bit and 32-bit desktop and server operating systems, including over 30 popular Linux distributions, Mac OS X, and most versions of Microsoft Windows including Windows HPC Server 2008.

One Comprehensive Model for Accelerator Programming

PGI gives individual developers the power to incrementally accelerate applications on x64+accelerator platforms simply by adding portable compiler directives to existing standard-compliant Fortran and C programs.

One Integrated Suite of Parallel Compilers & Tools

PGI offers a complete and integrated suite of compilers and tools for developing high performance parallel applications including the fully-integrated graphical PGDBG® and PGPROF® parallel MPI/OpenMP application debugging and profiling tools. PGI compilers and tools offer a uniform user interface across all supported operating systems, simplifying the process of prototyping, writing, debugging and tuning HPC applications.

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